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Global Democracy Award

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Senator Ted Kennedy (right) introduces 2004 IWDC Global Democracy Award Winner Representative Carolyn McCarthy (center).

Each year, the International Women's Democracy Center presents the Global Democracy Award to women who exemplify IWDC's mission to strength women's global leadership.   The award is presented in honor of Marķa Elena Moyano, a Peruvian activist who worked to include women in the decision-making process in Peru.  She was a founding member and later president of the Federation of Popular Women, a women's organization which trains women in the skills of public administration.  Marķa dedicated her energy to involving women in local government and was herself elected to the position of deputy mayor.  Following her electoral victory, Marķa wrote, "Our next goal is to increase our power in the municipal government, to place more women in Parliament, more in the Senate, as well as in the House of Representatives, and also - why not? - a women in executive office.  The Communist Party of Peru (Shining Path) perceived Marķa's activism as a threat to their existence and, on February 15, 1992, members of Shining Path assassinated her.

The Global Democracy Award is presented each spring at IWDC's annual Congressional Reception held in Washington, DC.

Senator John Kerry presents the 2005 GDA to Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley.

Previous Global Democracy Award winners are:

2005- Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, Former U.S. Ambassador to Portugal, National Democracy Institute for International Affairs

2004 - Representative Carolyn McCarthy, Fourth Congressional District of New York

2003 - Dr. Nikki Tesfai, Founder and President, The African Community Resource Center

2003 - Patricia de Stacey Harrison, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs

2002 - Bronagh Hinds, Deputy Equality Commissioner, Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

2002 - Barbara Easterling, Secretary-Treasurer, Communications Workers of America