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The Community Forums Project

(Formerly the Southern Africa Women's Leadersip Program)

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Community Forums Leadership Project

Community Forums Project debuted in rural Botswana in 2005.

The Community Forums Project (CFP) was created as a direct response to the frighteningly large increase of HIV/AIDS cases in Southern Africa - particularly in Botswana which has the second highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. In 2005, IWDC, in partnership with Emang Basadi, the National Women's Association of Botswana, launched a one-year project to provide factual information, address risk factors and how the disease spreads, and fight stigma through an intergenerational, public deliberation setting in an effort to strenghten civil society and get all sects of the community talking about the issues from theior own cultural perspective.

CFP moderators are young women selected from the local community based on their passion and demonstrated involvement with issues of HIV/AIDS and political activism.

Due to the tremendous success of the program, which extended far beyond IWDC and EB's expectations, IWDC and EB are planning to revive the program this winter, facilitating the first Forum in a five-year project. CFP will host multi-generational community forums around the country that address a series of questions about the HIV/AIDS pandemic, providing factual information about the disease, dispelling myths and propeganda, and challenging the community to devise plans of action to fight the spread of the disease in addition to combating the stigma of infection to improve the quality of life for those already infected.