Campaign Management Workshops are designed to train woman leaders around the world in the technical skills and campaign tools how to stand as candidates for elected office. Skills include campaign research, message development, campaign management, how to use media and technology, budgeting and fundraising. Workshops are held in partnership with local established non-governmental organizations.

The Pipeline Project is designed to train 18-35 year-old women how to engage in the leadership roles in both the public and private sectors in their own communities by providing negotiating and advocacy tools and management skills.

UN Youth Delegate Program is designed to mentor high school seniors in diplomacy, foreign affairs and international trade by inviting them to serve on the IWDC Official Delegation to United Nations meetings and conferences at UN Headquarters in New York and at regional offices around the world.

The Community Advocate Mentor Program- CAMP - is an innovative five-year training program designed to strengthen the public policy, lobbying and advocacy skills of recognized women leaders from regions moving from conflict to co-existence. Each year, women leaders from both the public and private sectors begin the program with pre-departure training in-country, and then come to Washington, DC, for an intensive two-week program where they are partnered with Members of Congress and lobbyists to gain an up-front view of how public policy is created.

Pipeline to Justice - is a ten year program designed to train women lawyers with the campaign management tools and skills so that they can stand as candidates for judge in their own communities.

Welcome Refugess is designed to provide support to refugees who are resettled in the United States of which the majority are women and children.


The Global Democracy Award is presented to women who exemplify IWDC's mission and who actively work to increase the voices of women in politics, policy and decision-making. The award is named in honor of Maria Elena Moyano, the Peruvian activist who worked to bring democracy to her country and who was assassinated in 1992 at the age of 33.

Community Forums Project (CFP) was designed to strengthen community dialogue as a direct tool to respond to the increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS - particularly among women – and to combat stigma and promote HIV/AIDS education and prevention. CFP tools are based on the belief that people must have a voice in solving the problems that impact their families and communities.